Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms

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EASTING (1) The distance of a point east of the point of origin of a map or a grid. (2) The east-west component of a survey leg (or of a series of legs). East is positive, west is negative. See also Northing, Vertical.
Survey & Mapping term. Ref JJ
ECCENTRIC A speleothem of abnormal shape or attitude. cf Helictite.
Cave - Depositional Features. Ref JJ
EDAPHOBITE An animal (invertebrate) dwelling in the soil.
Fauna. Ref MM
EFFLUX Place of outflow for karst waters from an aquifer. Applied to a place where a cave stream emerges. See Efflux cave, Resurgence, Spring.
Hydrology terms. Ref AC
EFFLUX CAVE A cave entrance that has a stream flowing out of it. cf Influx cave, Inflow cave, Outflow cave, Resurgence, Spring.
Cave - Kinds of. Ref MM
ENDEMIC Peculiar to a country or district, and not native elsewhere. May be very limited in extent, eg to a single cave system.
Biology - Flora & Fauna. Ref AC
ENDOGEAN Pertaining to the biological domain immediately beneath the ground surface. ie in the soil or plant litter. cf Epigean, Hypogean.
Cave - Biota. Ref JJ
ENDOKARSTIC Subterranean region in karst, below the Epikarstic zone. Includes the upper area with free draining water plus the area below water table.
Speleology term. Ref AC
ENTRANCE ZONE The interface between surface and subterranean environments, leading into the Twilight zone.
Cave - Parts of. Ref AC
EOLIAN See Aeolian. Also Aeolianite.
Karst - Kinds of. Ref JJ
EPIGEAN Pertaining to the biological domain at the ground surface or above it. Includes streams. cf Endogean, Hypogean.
Cave - Biota. Ref JJ
EPIKARSTIC Of the upper layer of karstified carbonate rock in the unsaturated zone, immediately below the soil layer
Speleology term. Ref AC
EPIPHREAS, EPIPHREATIC ZONE The zone immediately above the permanently flooded Phreatic zone. Referring to water moving with some speed during floods that are too large for the usual conduits.
Hydrology terms. Ref JJ
EROSION The wearing away of bedrock or sediment by mechanical and chemical actions of all moving agents. eg rivers, wind, glaciers.
Geology. Ref JJ
ESCARPMENT A steep face terminating high lands abruptly, frequently of stratified rocks. Uplift is not implied.
Geology. Ref MM
EUSTATIC Pertaining to world-wide (simultaneous) changes of sea levels.
Geology. Ref KG
EVAPOTRANSPIRATION A process by which water is lost from a catchment or karst surface which includes evaporation of water from wet surfaces and from plants.
Speleology term. Ref AC
EXHUMED KARST Karst features reexposed by erosion from beneath former covering strata.
Karst - Kinds of. Ref WM
EXSURGENCE A spring fed only by percolation water, and not by sinking streams.
Karst - Miscellaneous features of. Ref JJ

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