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  • 5 June 2007
  • Web page created
  • 8 July 2007
  • Added Baker Clamp page

    5 June 2007: Web page created

    On 31st May 2007 I first became aware of the LME49810 chip on the Chip Amps forum of DiyAudio.com. It appeared in the LM4702 discussion thread on that date. I started a LME49810 discussion thread on 4th June 2007 and my 4 sample chips arrived on that same day. I decided to set up my own web page for this exciting new chip.

    The LME49810 is in the middle, with a ruler for scale. It is flanked by a LM4702 and LM4780 also for scale (follow the links to my web pages for these two other amazing chips).

    The LME49810 has tiny pins like the LM4780, but at least they don't have to pass the full speaker output current! 2mm pin spacing on the left and 4mm pin spacing on the right.

    8 July 2007: Added Baker Clamp page

    I hadn't previously encountered the Baker Clamp, so I did some research, and added a Baker Clamp page which explains how it works.

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