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pic10.jpg 22K

One channel of the completed prototype in a 2U rack mounting case. Heatsink on top, power switch on the right side of the front panel, and the power and overload LEDs on the left side. April 1999. GB7/23.


pic11.jpg 24K

A rear view of the same case, with the top opened nearly half way and propped up by a screwdriver. Inside, the power transformer is on the left, power supply reservoir capacitors in the middle, and the amplifier circuit board on the right. The rectifier diode bridge is hidden by the back panel, but it is just in front of the reservoir capacitors. The heatsink has two power darlington transistors and the bias transistor mounted underneath. The back panel contains (from left to right) the mains fuse, IEC mains socket, output fuse, output terminals and the input RCA socket. April 1999. GB7/24.


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