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This is a 25 Watt Class A version of my main 100 Watt Class A amplifier. It only uses one pair of TIP142/147 darlington transistors in the power output stage, rather than four pairs as used in the 100 Watt amplifier.

The power supply is unregulated and the only protection is a fuse on the audio output and a fuse on the mains power input.

The heatsink I used is a Conrad MF21-150 (0.32 degC/Watt), available from Powertrans Engineering Pty Ltd, 36 Victoria St, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Australia, Ph (03) 9380 2500.

(More details will be supplied in when I get the time!)

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Sorry for the mediocre quality of the drawings. The sound is much better!

Sheet 1 - Power Amplifier

Sheet 2 - Output Stage

Sheet 3 - Power Supply

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