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A very early prototype with only 6 darlington power transistors in the output stage and one heatsink. Two of these heatsinks were eventually required to dissipate the heat for 8 transistors. August 1989. GB9/2.


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A later prototype (without cabinets or PCBs) set up for evaluation in someone's lounge room. Each channel has two massive heatsinks. The channels are sharing a single +/- regulated power supply in this test. A 500VA toroid power transformer is at top right, just next to the (blue) reservoir capacitor bank. The meter shows the current drawn from the power supplies. An Audio Research pre-amp is sitting on top of a modified CD player in the background at the top left. 13 September 1989. GB10/5.


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An evaluation system in someone's lounge room. The current prototype mono-blocks are in their pine cabinets on the right side. A DIY turntable, preamp and modified CD player are being used as sources. The speakers are ProAc Tablettes. 1990. 13 February 1990. GB11/3.


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An internal view of a recent prototype. From left to right: Mains power input, switch and fuse (all not easily visible), Toroid power transformer (under), rectifier on heatsink, regulator pass transistors (heatsinks on sides of cabinet), reservoir capacitors and 3 distribution terminals, regulator PCB, power amplifier PCB, large heatsinks for power amplifier output stage (on sides of cabinet), output terminals (not easily visible). 13 February 1990. GB11/4.


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