Sir Hiss' Page

This is me with my snake, Sir Hiss, sitting in front of my computer. The observant among you might notice that Sir Hiss is actually a hand puppet, but don't tell him - he think's he's a cobra.

Sir Hiss works extremely hard at his job, which is keeping mongooses out of my computer room. Mongooses are a real nuisance to have around, since they continually gnaw at the cables, and usually end up shorting out the equipment by electrocuting themselves. I haven't seen any around for a long while now, so I believe Sir Hiss is doing his job pretty well.

For the interested reader, Sir Hiss was made by the fine people over at Folkmanis Puppets, who have literally hundreds of puppets available. No finer puppet will you find and I highly recommend them (for whatever that's worth).

The orange critter sitting on the monitor is Fang, my monster. He is also a puppet, but since he's also bitten people's ankles off for saying so, you didn't hear that from me. Fang claims that his job is keeping the elephants out of the computer room. I suspect that this is a fabrication on his part, since I've never seen any elephants around my neighbourhood, but I have a policy of not arguing with any creature that has teeth longer than mine--this has kept me relatively puncture-free so far.

Mind you, this doesn't mean that things are safe around the computer room. Far from it, in fact, as I sometimes have to fight off savage crocodiles that hide behind the filing cabinet, pretending to be logs, in the hope that an unwary wildebeeste will wander past. The wildebeeste are a real pest, since they kick up dust and eat the carpet, invariably mistaking it for grass.

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