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This site does not represent Guy Coheleach, is not associated with Guy Coheleach in any way, and does not offer any prints or books for purchase.

Although Coheleach has produced an enormous number of paintings, only a relatively small number of these works have been reproduced in book form.

The Big Cats: The Paintings of Guy Coheleach
Published by Abradale/Abrams Books during the early 1980s, this is a magnificent book packed full of colour plates, pencil sketches and fascinating information about most of the world's big cats.
Guy Coheleach's Animal Art
Published by DDR Publishing in 1994, this book contains a very informative biography of Guy and possibly the finest representative collection of Guy's works published to date.
Masters Of The Wild: Coheleach
Published by Briar Patch in 1990, this book is another magnificent collection of Guy's work and is the perfect complement to "Animal Art".

If you are looking to buy some of Guy's work , it is now possible to purchase prints online at the official Guy Coheleach Cyber Gallery.

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