Andy Blunden’s Writings

All texts listed on this page are authored by Andy Blunden and may be freely reproduced in any format provided only that the author is attributed. The author retains rights to distribute the material notwithstanding any claim by others, as per the Creative Commons licence, unless they have been published by another publisher already.

Collaboration for Social Change (2016)

1. Anthony Giddens and Structuration, February 2016
2. Capital through the Hegelian Looking-glass, March 2016
3. Paradigms of Collective Decision Making, talk at Mancheser Social Movements Conference, March 2016
4. The Origins of Collective Decision Making (Synopsis), April 2016
5. Talk on Hegel, Marx and Lenin, (audio) May 2016
6. How can we grasp a process as a whole?, for Époque Conference, Ioannina, May 2015
7. Solidarity, June 2016, with Lynn Beaton
8. Lynn Beaton (1946-2016), June 2016
8. Virtue and Utopia, review of Benjamin Franks' Anarchism and the Virtues, August 2016
9. Artefact-mediated Intersubjectivity for a Non-metaphysical Appropriation of Hegel, for Inaugural Conference of Australian Hegel Soicety, Sept 2016
10. Translating perezhivanie into English, for special issue of MCA, November 2016
11. The anatomy of man is key to the anatomy of the ape, for special issue of MCA, November 2016
12. Hegel on Means and Ends, August 2016

Vygotsky and Social Theory (2015)

1. The Concepts of CHAT,* video recordings of talks for MSCP presented January-February 2015
2. The Germ Cell of Vygotsky’s Science,* March 2015
3. Tool and Sign in Vygotsky’s Development,* March 2015
4. Something worth dying for?*, April 2015
5. Vaccine Hesitancy, April 2015
6. Goethe, Hegel and Marx, for Science & Society* July 2015
7. Leontyev’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
8. Engeström’s Activity Theory and Social Theory, August 2015
9. Fedor Vasilyuk’s Psychology of Life-projects, August 2015
10. The Concept of Object, September 2015
11. Collaborative Ethics, December 2015

The Logic of Self-Organisation (2014)

1. The Three Elements of the Concept in Hegel’s Logic, April 2014
2. Word Meaning is Important, June 2014
3. The Problem of the Environment. A Defence of Vygotsky, June 2014
4. The Germ Cell and the Unit of Analysis, June 2014
5. Activity as Project. The Case of Asbestos,* September 2014
6. The Concepts of Activity Theory, MSCP Summer School, 22 January 2015-19 February 2015
Bill Deller (1949-2014), Eulogy 8 November 2014
8. Vygotsky’s concept of the Ideal, and the Emergence of Nicaraguan Sign Language, December 2014

Projects (2013)

1. Power, Activity and Human Flourishing, January 2013
2. Toward a Dialectic of Philosophy and Organization by Eugene Gogol, for Marx & Philosophy. Review of Books, February 2013
3. The Proletariat and Self-Emancipation, February 2013
4. An “Action”, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, April 2013
5. Artefacts and Mediation, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, April 2013
6. Projects and Concepts, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, April 2013
7. Essence: Reflection, Appearance and Actuality, for Hegel + CHAT Symposium, May 2013
8. Vygotsky AND Activity Theory, November 2013
9. Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) Wiki* (various entries)

Projects and Concepts (2012)

1. Concepts. Part 1, video interview with Anthony Barra* January 2012
2. Concepts. Part 2, video interview with Anthony Barra* January 2012
3. Wittgenstein, March 2012
4. Jamison: the life and death of social movements, March 2012
5. Corporate Manslaughter Laws in Australia,* (pdf) May 2012
6. The Fine Granules of History’s Sediment, for Critical Sociology, June 2012
7. Project as an Interdisciplinary Concept,* September 2012
8. Ontogenesis, Ethnogenesis, Sociogenesis and Phylogenesis, October 2012
9. Critical Reflections on Contemporary Sociocultural and Activity Issues,* for ISCAR Newsletter, October 2012
10. The Formation of the Concept of “Collaborative Learning Space”, November 2012
11. Commentary on Yrjö Engeström’s 7-step process of Concept Formation, in Mind, Culture and Activity, November 2012
12. Non-linear Processes and the Dialectic, December 2012

Hegel and Vygotsky’s Psychology (2011)

1. Concepts. A Critical Approach,* 2010/2011
2. The Mind from Descartes to Hegel, January 2011
3. Marx & Modernity: Mind, Culture & Activity, January 2011
4. Vygotsky & the Concept of Consciousness*, January 2011
5. Is Science a Humanity?, January 2011
6. Units and Motives in Activity Theory,* January 2011
7. Projects and the problem of Context,* January 2011
8. Vygotsky’s Theory of Child Development,* January 2011
9. The Critical Appropriation of Hegel, July 2011.
10. German Science, French Social Theory and American Pragmatism, July 2011.
11. Early Childhood Development and Experimental Concepts,* July 2011
12. True concepts and Conscious Awareness,* August 2011
13. Vygotsky on Concepts and Activity,* August 2011
14. What a Concept is,* August 2011
15. Brandom on Concepts,* September 2011
16. Review of The Formation of Reason, by David Bakhurst, September 2011
17. Paulo Freire’s Intellectual Roots: Hegel, October 2011
18. On Gary Clark's 'From Little Things Social Catastrophes Grow', December 2011.

Hegel, Goethe and the Zeitgeist (2010)

1. Psychology and Our Times,* Reviews for Theory & Psychology, January 2010
2. Notes on Goethe’s Urphänomen, for Hegel, Goethe and the Planet, January 2010
3. How Hegel put Goethe’s Urphänomen to Philosophical Use,* for Hegel, Goethe and the Planet, January 2010
Wie Hegel Goethes Urphänomen philosophisch nutzbar machte , Topos Internationale Beiträge zur dialektischen Theorie
4. Commentary on Editorial in MCA vol. 17, number 1, for Mind, Culture and Activity, February 2010
5. The Origins of Cultural Historical Activity Theory,* (Marx Readings) February 2010
6. The Urphänomen and the Absolute,* for Hegel and Religion, March 2010
7. Mapping of Concepts across Theories, (table) March 2010
8. Heidegger and the Philosophy of Property, April 2010
9. Notes on perezhivanie, June 2010
10. Hutchins on Trobriand reasoning, June 2010
11. The Psychology of Concepts and Conceptual Change, July 2010.
12. The Genesis of the Concept, August 2010.
13. The Story of the Concept, August 2010
14. The Concept in Hegel’s Logic, August 2010
15. Social Situation of Development and a Child’s Needs, review of Lydia Bozhovich on Vygotsky, August 2010
14. Fictitious Capital, September 2010
16. Concepts, a Critical Approach. Introduction,* October 2010
17. The Development of Concepts, November 2010
18. Review of Hegel and Mind. Rethinking Philosophical Psychology, by Richard Dien Winfield. 2010, November 2010
19. Hegel on Education. A selection of quotes from Hegel.
20. Hegel’s Psychology,* December 2010
21. On the Criterion of Truth, December 2010
22. Vygotsky’s Concept of “Unit of Analysis”, December 2010

Vygotsky, Goethe and Collaborative Projects (2009)

1. Ethics and why the Financial Crisis is insoluble, revised book review for Arena Magazine, January 2009
2. Aggregate Demand, February 2009
3. From where did Vygotsky get his Hegelianism?, March 2009
4. Hegel and Activity, March 2009
5. Goethe’s Romantic Science,* March 2009
6. Marx and Activity Theory, April 2009
7. Vygotsky’s Critique of Psychological Science, May 2009
8. Soviet Cultural Psychology,* June 2009
9. Reading “Capital”,* June 2009
10. A Differentiated and Re-integrated Gestalt, June 2009
11. The US exploits the rest of the world to postpone its own civil war, June 2009
12. Forms of Radical Subjectivity,* July 2009
13. The Semiotics of Martyrdom,* July 2009
14. When is a concept really a concept?,* September 2009
15. Vygotsky's view on Scientific and Everyday concepts, October 2009
16. Genealogy of Cultural Historical Activity Theory, (diagram)* November 2009
17. Critical Realism and Reality,* November 2009
18. Criticisms of Vygotsky’s concept of Activity, December 2009
19. Emancipatory science, December 2009

Mind and Culture (2008)

1. The Development of the Idea of Gestalt,* for Theory & Psychology, March 2008
2. The Semiotics of Suffering, March 2008
3., on Kevin Rudd's 2020 Conference, April 2008
4. Claude Lévi-Strauss: Anti-Historicism and the Algerian War, May 2008
5. Foreword to Hegel’s Logic,* for Erythrós Press, July 2008
6. Vygotsky's Unfinished Theory of Child Development, for Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition , July 2008
7. Social Movements, Science and History: A Response to Eugene Matusov, for “Culture & Psychology,” August 2008
8. Getting under the Skin of Liberalism, book review for Arena Magazine, August 2008
9. An Interdisciplinary Concept of Activity, in Critical Social Studies. Outlines,* September 2008
10. Two disasters is better than one, October 2008
11. Collaboration for the sake of it, October 2008
12. Now is an ideal moment to reinvest in public housing, October 2008
13. Contribution to an xmca discussion on CHAT and sociology, November 2008

Appropriating Hegel’s Spirit: Subject and Substance (2007)

1. The Subject,* Draft in Progress
2. Can an organisation have an intention?, January 2007
3. Althusser’s Subjected Subject, February 2007
4. The Subject Matter of Hegel’s Logic,* a response to An Introduction to Hegel, by Stephen Houlgate, March 2007
5. Hegel on “state of nature”, April 2007
6. Hegel and the Master-Servant Dialectic: Commentary on excerpts from Hegel, April 2007
7. Masters, Servants and Mediation,* May 2007
8. Hegel, Recognition and Intersubjectivity,* a response to Hegel’s Ethics of Recognition, by Robert R. Williams, May 2007
9. The Young Hegel against Liberalism,* June 2007
10. Noel Pearson and John Howard’s proposals for Indigenous Welfare, June 2007
11. The Nature of Hegel’s Spirit,* July 2007
12. The Abstract General and Social Solidarity,* July 2007
13. How is rational discussion possible on a mass scale?, August 2007
14. Hegel: The First Cultural-Historical Psychologist (video)*, October 2007
15. The Individual as a Bearer of Rights and Duties within a Pragmatic Hegelian conception of Subjectivity, October 2007
16. Sources of Activity Theory, November 2007
17. The Missing Mediation in Pragmatic Interpretations of Hegel* for ASCP Conference, (video) December 2007

The Individual and Mind (2006)

1. Marx: The Alienated Subject,* Chapter 9 of The Subject, January 2006
2. Marx and Class Consciousness, Talk at Socialist Party Summer School, 4/5th February 2006
3. “All that is Solid Melts into Air ...”, for Hegel Summer School, February 2006
4. C S Peirce: Semiosis, the Subject as Sign-Activity, Chapter 10 of The Subject, March 2006
5. The Subject: Philosophical Foundations,* Chapter 11 of The Subject March 2006
6. The Politics of Happiness,* a response to Clive Hamilton, Quarterly Essay, March 2006
7. Overview of a dialogue between scientists and humanists, Les Treilles, France, May 2006
8. The Subject of Consciousness,* for Journal of Physiology, Paris, May 2006
9. Why Marx was not an Atheist, talk to the Atheist Society, June 2006
10. Cultural Psychology and Critical Theory, for Independent Social Research Network, June 2006
11. Free Will and the Analytical Mind*, a review of Mind. A Brief Introduction, by John R Searle, July 2006
12. Neuropsychology*, Chapter 13 of The Subject, August 2006
13. Phylogeny*, Chapter 14 of The Subject, August 2006
14. The Feeling Neurobiologist, a review of Looking for Spinoza, by Antonio Damasio, August 2006
15. On periodic processes in history, for Independent Social Research Network, September 2006
16. Wallerstein: Utopistics and Simplistics, for Independent Social Research Network, September 2006
17. Individual Agency, review of paper in Mind, Culture and Activity, October 2006
18. Modernity, the Individual and the foundations of CHAT,* for Mind, Culture and Activity, November 2006
19. The Individual, Chapter 12 of The Subject, November 2006

Justice and Subjectivity (2005)

1. Subjectivity, Recognition and Objectification,* talk at Hegel Summer School, 18 February 2005
2. Subjectivity and Semiotics, January 2005
3. The Cult of Safety,* published in Arena Magazine, April 2005
4. Why the Anxiety?, submitted to Eureka Street, January 2005
5. On Method, February 2005
6. Introduction to “Marx Myths and Legends”, March 2005*
7. Review of Moshe Postone's Time, Labor, and social domination, March 2005
8. The Poststructuralist Subject, review of Feminist Practice and Poststructuralist Theory, by Chris Weedon, April 2005
9. Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason, May 2005
10. Hegemony and Amphictony, May 2005
11. Nancy Fraser’s Status model and the Identity model of Recognition, June 2005
12. False Heroes and Villains, July 2005
13. Subjectivity, Redistribution & Recognition,* published in Recognition in Politics, March 2007
14. Judith Butler’s Abstract General Subject, review of Contingent Foundations, by Judith Butler, August 2005
15. Foucault’s Discursive Subject, September 2005
16. Is Poverty a Linguistic Construct?, published in Arena Magazine, October/November 2005
17. What is Poverty?, November 2005
18. The Semiotics of Martyrdom, published in Arena Magazine,* February 2006
19. The Subject. Introduction,* October 2005
20. The First Subject: Aristotle, October 2005
21. The Renaissance Subject, October 2005
22. Kant: The Sovereign Individual Subject, November 2005
23. Johann Fichte: The Subject as Activity, December 2005*
24. Hegel: The Idea of the Subject, December 2005*
25. Hegel: The Subject as Concept, December 2005*
26. Hegel: The Subject as Self-consciousness, December 2005*

Social Solidarity, Voice and Political Communication (2004)

1. Solidarity, Recognition, Subjectivity and Mediation,* Hegel Summer School 20th February 2004
2. Nancy Fraser on Recognition and Redistribution,* March 2004
3. Dependency: The need for an historical Critique,* April 2004
4. Tony Vinson on Social Cohesion March 2004
5. Mark Latham, Mass Capitalism and the Stakeholder Society April 2004
6. Social Solidarity versus Social Capital Draft April 2004
7. Equality of what for whom? submitted to The New Internationalist April 2004
8. What’s wrong with “social capital”, talk at New International Bookshop, 12th May 2004
9. Capital Investment, published in Eureka Street, June 2004
10. Bourdieu on Status, Class and Culture,* May 2004
11. Some Comments on the Blue Book on Social Capital, published in Arena July 2004
12. The problem of status orders, June 2004
13. Social Solidarity vs Social Capital,* Capacity Building Forum, July 2004
14. A different way of building ‘social capital’, published in D!SSENT Spring 2004
15. Recognition, Trust and Emancipation, talk to Atheists Society 10th August 2004
16. Welfare Dependency: The need for a Historical Critique, published in Arena Sept 2004
17. Amartya Sen on Well-being and Critical Voice,* submitted to Constellations August 2004
18. Kicking Australia’s welfare recipients, published in Arena Magazine, February 2005
19. 19 Theses on the Politics of Scaremongering, October 2004
20. The Politics of Fear,* submitted to Arena Journal, November 2004
21. The Politics of Fear,* talk for Rural Australians for Refugees, November 2004
22. Recognition, November 2004

Alliance Politics and Ethical Politics (2003)

1. For Ethical Politics,* February 2003
2. Towards a Critque of Alliance Politics, Hegel Summer School February 2003
3. Political Liberalism: Review of John Rawls’ book, March 2003
4. Amartya Sen: Review of Amartya Sen on well-being and critical voice, March 2003
5. Lindsay Tanner: Review of Lindsay Tanner’s Open Australia, March 2003
6. Fukuyama: Review: Fukuyama on Recognition and Trust,* May 2003
7. Mark Latham: Review of Civilising Global Capital, May 2003
8. Alasdair MacIntyre: Review of Whose Justice? Which Rationality?, May 2003
9. Globalisation and its Managers: Review of several books on Globalisation, May 2003
10. On Social Capital: Review of several books on Social Capital, July 2003
11. In the beginning was the Word: On Habermas’s Inclusion of the Other, August 2003
12. Ethical Politics, talk for Radio National, October 2003
13. Definitions of Ethical Politics, (Speaker’s notes) October 2003
14. Ethical Politics and Alliance Politics,* Arena Magazine, Dec 2003
15. Honneth’s “Struggle for Recognition”, December 2003

Ideals and Political Action (2001)

1. What is the most important question of social science?, for Argentinian discussion
2. The Vygotsky School, talk for Hegel Summer School, 23rd February 2001
3. Practical Dialectic, contribution to Panel, 24th February 2001
4. Overview of Ethics, opening discussion on Ethical Politics, March 2001
5. Empire and Imperialism, Blackwood, June 2001
6. Negri and Hardt’s Concept of “Immaterial Labour”, Blackwood, June 2001
7. Why you need the Socialist Ideal to Fight Capitalism, Blackwood, June 2001
8. Property, preparatory article before Hegel Summer School 2002

Hegel & Social Action (2000)

1. Getting to Know Hegel*, talk at Hegel, Marx and Derrida, Hegel Summer School, 18/19 February 2000
2. The Encyclopedia
3. The Historical Fate of Hegel’s Doctrine
4. The Abstractions We Build for Ourselves
5. The Social Relations Determined by Capital
6. Is Marx really Necessary?, dialogue with Neville Spencer, 23 March 2000
7. Couldn’t we Live Perfectly Well Without Money? for Public Meeting, 15 Sep 2000
8. Building for Collaborative Learning, talk to staff at Melbourne Uni., 18 October 2000

Capital, Labour & Class Struggle
in the period of postmodern capitalism (1999)

1. Labour & Capital
3. Organisation of Capital
2. Voluntary Organisation
4. Class Struggle
5. Summary of results of ABS survey of volunteering in Australia

6. The Logic of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, Hegel Seminar, 18th June 1999
7. Postmodern Capitalism, for Rethinking Marxism, Woolongong 11 Nov 1999

Knowledge & Value (1998)

1. Knowledge for Sale
2. Liberation Epistemology
3. Classical Epistemology
4. The Value of Mathematics
5. Perception under the microscope
6. Knowledge & Value
7. Essence as Value
8. Theories of Value
9. Post-Structuralism
10. 1841
11. Ethical Values
12. Structuralism
13. National Values
14. Marxism


Meaning of Hegel’s Logic
Vygotsky and the Dialectical Method.

Barbed Wire
Hanging out to dry, July 1997
I’ll have what she’s having, October 1997
The Archbishop and the Pimp, November 1997
Startling New Poll Findings, February 1998
Welcome students to Philosophy 101, March 1998
Labour Hire, April 1998


Stalinism: Its Origin & Future*


End of an Illusion, 30 August 1991
On the Class Nature of the Soviet Union, 9 August 1991
Beyond Betrayal, 1991
Planned Economy and Workers Control, talk to meeting of Trotskyists, March 1991

“Early Works”

The Chinese Road to Socialism, June 1989
The Vietnamese Trotskyists, June 1987
My Experience with Trotskyism, 1986
Revolutionary Morality, April 1986
1986 Poster (Revolutionary Morality, April 1986)

Dialectics and Mathematics, February 1984
Review of “Marx's Mathematical Manuscripts”, June 1983

Real Time Spectrum Analysis, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, October 1983
My discoveries in Mathematics

Excerpt from PhD Thesis: On the use of Statistical Models in Engineering and On the validity of the Probablility of Extremes (1971)
Hitchhiking Stories (1967)
Report of my first political speech: The Guardian, 14th July 1966.
Photograph of my first political act: Burning Draft Card, March 19th 1966 and subsequent speech.

My first published articles: The Vagrancy Laws, 1965
and: A Parable (about conscription for the Vietnam War), 1966